Frequently Asked Questions




How do I register for a RiderCourse℠?
All of our motorcycle safety program registration is done online.
Note: You must register for your class a minimum of 24 hours before the start date.


Is there another way to register other than online?
No. At this time we do not offer any other form of registration due to our administrative support levels. Individuals who do not have a computer may go to their local library for online access.

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Why do you require my Drivers License number?
Your Drivers License number is a requirement of the State of Michigan to whom we report. You cannot be endorsed by the State of Michigan without providing us your Drivers License or Drivers Education Certificate.


Who can I contact regarding registration questions?
All of the information that you need should be answered on this page or in the RiderCourse℠ description. If there is something that you are still unsure of you may email

Note: this program is not staffed full-time. It is administered by a group of people on a part-time basis as a community service to you. While your questions are important to us, it may take a while to respond to any inquiries.

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What is your RiderCourse℠ cancellation policy?
If for any reason you must cancel your registration there are no refunds. Before completing your registration, please be certain that you will be able to complete all course dates/times. If you must cancel your registration for a class, please call (616) 234-3800.

Note: If you do this in advance, another student may get the opportunity to register.


How do I cancel my registration?
Cancel your registration by calling (616) 234-3800. There is not an online option to cancel your registration.

Note: your registration fee is nonrefundable and not transferable to another class or person. You may not send another person in your place.

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Can I transfer into a different course date?
No. Transfers are not allowed. If you cannot attend the course that you registered for you will need to cancel your registration by phone and then re-register for another course online (paying again for that new course.) Also, you may not send another person in your place.


How much does the Basic RiderCourse℠ class cost?
Our Basic RiderCourse℠ classes are $50.00 per person and include all the materials needed for the class. You will receive a course workbook, up to fifteen hours of instruction, a loaner motorcycle, fuel, and competent, caring coaches to make your experience a good one.

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What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Is your website secure when entering personal data and credit card number?
We use PayPal®, an independent credit verification firm, to validate your credit card. All communication with PayPal® is secure and encrypted.

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Who can take a RiderCourse℠ class?
To take the course you need to have a valid Michigan Drivers License or have taken an approved Driver Education Course. The course is required for persons who have failed the Secretary of State 3rd party road skills test twice, or for persons under the age of 18. The course is strongly recommended for all new riders or experienced riders that were self-taught or who learned from a friend.


Can I ride my own motorcycle during my Basic RiderCourse℠ class?
No. Motorcycles are provided for the Basic RiderCourse℠. You cannot bring your own. The motorcycles need to meet strict safety and size regulations and therefore we provide them as a part of the course fee.

Note: Advanced RiderCourse℠ students only are to bring their own motorcycles. See Advanced RiderCourse℠ descriptions for details.

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What kind of motorcycles are used in the Basic RiderCourse℠ class?
The motorcycles that we use are all 250cc's or less. Currently, our inventory includes: Suzuki GZ250's, Honda Rebel 250's, Honda CB 125s, Suzuki TU250W’s, and Honda Nighthawk 250's.


What should I wear to class?
It varies by the course and by location. See the RiderCourse℠ descriptions for the requirements of each class.


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Are snacks or lunch provided?
No. Packing a lunch or snack is strongly recommended. We recommend that you bring lots of snacks and drink plenty of fluid to maintain your metabolism and keep you fresh. It will allow us to shorten the time required for the break and allow you to get out earlier (or give you extra time for coaching at the end of the day.)

Note: we will provide a cooler with ice and water for the range.

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What do I get when I complete the course?
You will receive a course completion card which will waive the requirement for the 3rd party roads skills test.

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Will I still need to take the written test at the Secretary of State Office?

No. Once you have successfully completed this MSF approved training course through GRCC, you only have to take the vision test.

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How do I obtain my endorsement on my Michigan drivers license?

Present your motorcycle safety course completion certificate from GRCC at a Secretary of State office, apply for the CY endorsement, and pass vision test.

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