Mursalata Muhammad

Mursalata Muhammad
(616) 234-4950
506 College Park Plaza (CPP)
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  • EN102
  • EN233
  • EN101
  • EN102

​​See Syllabus for more details on the following information.

BEST/Fastest Contact Methods for Students to Use with Me:

  1. Office hours
  2. Make appointments
  3. Phone calls

Slowest Contact Method for Students to Use with Me is EMAIL...

  1. Because it is a false god that allows us to believe hitting the "send" button means we have successfully communicated with someone BUT, REALLY, all we did was hit a button
  2. Because nothing happens with an email (or other "instant messaging" choices) even if you get a sign that the reader opened the communication
  3. Because, unless someone reads what we sent, thinks about it, decides to respond, and actually responds...nothing has been communicated

Summer 2017 Office Hours: Blackboard IM and Phone

Days Times
Mondays 8am - 9am AND 6pm -7pm
Tuesdays 8am - 9am AND 6pm -7pm
Sundays 7am - 8am (phone only) AND 7pm - 8pm

NOTE: For additional help - outside of office hours - students are encouraged to make an appointment with their instructors.

--summum bonum/Ubuntu