Mursalata Muhammad

Mursalata Muhammad
(616) 234-4950
506 College Park Plaza (CPP)
Summer 2017 Courses Fall 2017 Courses      Expected Winter 2018 Courses       
  • EN102: English Composition II
  • EN233: Poetry
  • EN101: English Composition I
  • EN102: English Composition II
  • EN279: Research Writing

​​See Syllabus for more details on the following information.

The BEST (quickest) methods for reaching me to discuss course related topics:

  1. Use office hours - call or come in person
  2. Make an appointment
  3. Pick up your phone and call - 616.234.4950

EMAIL is the WORST (slowest) method for reaching me to discuss course related topics: Here is why...

  1. Because it is a false god that leads us to believe that hitting the "Send" button means we've communicated with someone, BUT, REALLY, ALL WE DID WAS HIT A BUTTON.
  2. Because nothing happens with an email (or other "instant messaging" choices) even if you get a sign that the message was "opened" - which doesn't mean it was read.
  3. Because, until someone reads what we sent, thinks about it, decides to respond, finds time to respond, and actually responds...nothing has been communicated.

Fall 2017 Office Hours: 

Days - To Be Determined Times - To Be Determined
TUESDAYS 1PM - 4PM Campus, phone & BbIM
THURSDAYS 1PM - 3PM Campus, phone & BbIM


  1. During office hours, in-person visits outrank all others. So, if I am helping a student in-person during office hours when you call or IM - I'll ask you to wait.
  2. Appointments can be held in-person, by phone AND Blackboard IM. 
  3. Using office hours at LEAST ONCE during the semester is part of earning participation points.
  4. For help with coursework outside of office hours - students are encouraged to make an appointment with their instructors.

--summum bonum/Ubuntu