Mursalata Muhammad

506 College Park Plaza (CPP)
Office Hours: 
1. Students, you DO NOT need an appointment to meet with me during times listed below.
2. Mak an appointment if you want additional meeting times or when the times listed do not accommodate your schedule. Appointament are available in-person on campus, phone, or Blackboard IM.
3. Unless otherwise noted, I am available on-campus in-person, phone, and Blackboard IM during the forllowing times:
Mondays 7PM - 8PM NOTE: available via phone & Blackboard ONLY
Tuesdays 9AM - 1PM
Tuesdays 5PM - 6PM
Wednesdays 4PM - 5PM

Winter 2016 Courses

  • EN100
  • EN101
  • EN237

See Syllabus for more details on the following information.

BEST/Fastest Contact Methods for Students to Use with Me:

  1. In-person during posted office hours or the appointment time you made with me
  2. Blackboard (Bb) instant messaging feature during office hours or the Bb appointment time you made with me
  3. Phone calls during office hours or the phone appointment time you made with me

NOTE: Because calls to my office are transferred to my personal phone, I invite you to call my office phone whenever you have questions. If I am available, I'll answer. If I'm not available, leave a message conatining the following information:

  • Name
  • Class
  • Question
  • phone #

Slowest Contact Method for Students to Use with Me: EMAIL communication...

  1. Because it is a false god that allows us to believe hitting the "send" button means we have successfully communicated with someone BUT, REALLY, all we did was hit a button
  2. Becuase nothing happens with an email (or other "instant messaging" choices) even if you get a sign that the reader opened the communication
  3. Becuase, unless someone reads what we sent, thinks about it, decides to respond, and actually responds...nothing has been communicated

NOTE: My learning, educating, and working styles are best when I can have real-time communication with others. I understand our current world uses technology, but our use of it does not give us the right to focus only on one-way communitcation: you know, just thinking about what we need to say whenever we desire to say it. This apporach is self-centered and makes it hard for us to break the habits that prevent us from seeing each others' humanity.

--summum bonu/Ubuntu

M. Muhammad