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GRCC Cares - A network for student support

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Our mission

To connect students with the right resources at the right time.



Why/When to refer a student for support:

  • Refer students to services such as, but not limited to: Academic Advising, Disability Support Services, Financial Aid, Occupational Support, Tutoring, etc.
  • Connect students to support when there are: Academic Concerns, Hardships, Basic Needs, etc.
  • Whenever possible: have a conversation with the student first, find out what type of support they need, and let them know you are issuing a referral for support. This lets them know that staff will be reaching out.

How to refer a student for support (for faculty and staff members):

  • Go to MYGRCC and login with your GRCC user ID and password.
  • Click on the "Navigate - Staff" tile.
  • Click the "Issue an referral" link, located at the top right margin.
  • Find the student by searching with their name or ID number.
  • Select the appropriate referral type
  • Add as much relevant information as possible and click "Submit". Our goal is to not make a student continue to tell their story over and over again.
  • View video instructions on how to raise a referral.

What happens after you refer a student for support:

  • A case is generated and a case manager is assigned.
  • The case manager will attempt to contact the student and connect them with applicable resources, information and support.
  • Once contact has been made, or after multiple contact attempts have been made with no response, the case will be closed.
  • When appropriate, other referrals may be raised in Navigate in order to offer all relevant services to the student.
  • When the case is closed, the faculty or staff member who initially referred the student will receive an email that includes update information (as allowed).

How to refer a student for support as a community member or if you do not know the identity of the student:

Complete the Public Care Report

Students looking for support for themselves

Students looking for support for themselves can visit the GRCC GetHelp webpage.

Other Resources and Ways to Support our Students


For more information, please contact Denise Jones at with any questions regarding referrals or other retention services offered by the Student Success.