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General Counsel

The office of General Counsel provides, manages, and coordinates legal services to pro-actively minimize the institution's legal risks and liability. The office also leads collective bargaining and contract administration processes and responds to concerns regarding institutional ethics. These services support the fiscal and operational sustainability of GRCC's educational mission.

Services provided by the office of General Counsel include: legal counsel and training for College administrators; assistance with the development of College policy and procedures; advice regarding sensitive employment matters; review of contracts and other legal documents; coordination of services of outside legal counsel for litigation and matters requiring legal specialization; and resolution of disputes, claims, and litigation.

Contract review includes:

  • Provide advice in the development of all College contracts
  • Ensure legal sufficiency review of all contracts
  • Maintain original contract files

Legal counsel is provided exclusively to GRCC representatives regarding College matters. All requests for legal services on behalf of the College must be directed to the Office of the General Counsel.

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