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The mission of the Purchasing Department is to develop and maintain an efficient and fair procurement process that is in accordance with federal and state procurement regulations and encourages the inclusion of all suppliers.

The Purchasing Department serves the needs of the College for all purchases in excess of $2500. Responsibility and authority to make commitments for these purchases is assigned to the Purchasing Department. This includes all contracts with suppliers regarding price, delivery, terms, quantity requirements, environmental impact or other matters of a contractual nature. Purchase of materials, equipment, goods, supplies or services greater than $2500 shall not be made without the execution of an electronic requisition and subsequent purchase order. GRCC is not obligated to pay for any purchases made otherwise.

View Purchasing Policy 11.15

Purchasing Ethics

The GRCC Purchasing Department is committed to adherence of the CODE of Ethics as defined by the National Association of Educational Procurement. For information on expressing a concern, please see our Ethics Policy.


  • Prepare, review and distribute public bids
  • Process purchase orders
  • Maintain vendor relationships
  • Encourages inclusiveness
  • Process and review procurement card program
  • Receive goods and deliver to departments
  • Conduct public bid openings
  • Collect, maintain and distribute Right to Know Material

Contact Info

(616) 234-4005
1st Floor Administration Building, DeVos Campus

Faculty & Staff