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Institutional Research


The office of Institutional Research serves the GRCC community as bridging the gap between the data we collect and how it can be leveraged for data-informed decision making.

The purpose and main functions of Institutional Research are: 

  • data stewardship;
  • collecting and analyzing data for internal and external reporting needs;
  • conducting and consulting on survey and evaluation studies;
  • Identifying areas of improvement that advance the mission, vision, and values of the college;
  • managing the Institutional Review Board;
  • effective assessment of institutional initiatives;
  • Data visualization


The vision of Institutional Research is to cultivate a data literate culture for GRCC that is able to communicate effectively with data. We seek to be the hub for exploring curiosities about our institution through data, develop robust training for our data users, and offer meaningful analytics.

The IR values, over and above those of GRCC, are: 

  • Teamwork - We value and respect the perspectives and ideas of each member of our team.
  • Communication - We commit to keeping the campus informed and being able to provide clear insights.
  • Equity - We ensure our efforts to be inclusive and representative of the diversity of our campus.
  • Quality - We strive to provide analyses, reports, and insights that are of the highest quality by ensuring usefulness, timeliness, accuracy, dependability, and efficiency.
  • Trust - We commit to cultivating faith and confidence in the analyses done and reports created.
  • Curiosity - We endeavor to not be afraid of challenging the status quo and empower our campus to ask hard questions.
  • Agility - We seek to adapt to the changing landscape of data storage, usage, and analyses.
  • Accessibility - We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that everyone has ethical access to data.
  • Data Stewardship - We pledge to effectively manage and oversee data at GRCC.

We're happy to support your research needs.  Please email for assistance.

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Paul Herdegen

Paul Herdegen

Enterprise Analyst - Data Warehouse Architect
(616) 234-3027