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Transparency Reporting

Current Transparency Reports

Pursuant to Section 217a of the Michigan State School Aid Act, as amended, Grand Rapids Community College makes available here the pertinent financial and best practices information about our institution.

As defined and outlined in the Management and Budget Act, 1984 PA 431, Section 238, here is the JCOS Self-funded Report for the period July 2023 - December 2023.

Historical Transparency Reports

FY 2023-2024, Ending June 30, 2024

FY 2022-2023, Ending June 30, 2023

FY 2021-2022, Ending June 30, 2022

FY 2020-2021, Ending June 30, 2021

FY 2019-2020, Ending June 30, 2020

Michigan Community College Data Inventory Reports