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Here to Help: Career coach assists students with life changing decisions

May 12, 2023, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Jeff Byrd first came to GRCC as a guest student while earning his bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University. Now he helps students navigate their own educational paths at the Leslie E. Tassel MTEC. 

Byrd is an educational training specialist and career coach for Job Training students. He is passionate about helping students identify what careers are suitable for their interests and skills. Then he helps them enroll in a Job Training program. 

“Job training is special because we offer so many opportunities for students to succeed,” Byrd said, “Our staff stand out because they are sincerely invested in the success of our students”. 

Byrd encourages all students to take their time discovering what career they want to pursue, emphasizing that there is no “right” timeline. Career coaches, and all GRCC faculty and staff, are always happy to help. 

Byrd is particularly passionate about working with nontraditional students. In previous jobs he has worked with returning citizens, helping them integrate back into society. He is a strong advocate of students returning to school to change careers and follow their passions. 

“I enjoy working with students from all walks of life. I take the time to understand their backgrounds and help them select a path or career,” Byrd said. 

The students realize the care that Byrd puts into his work. Multiple alumni have reached out to thank him for the part he played in helping them succeed. 

More information about job training can be found here.

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