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Learn From the Best: GRCC alum Jonathan Wyckoff returned to teach CNC students in-demand skills

March 10, 2023, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Jonathan Wyckoff teaches his students how to use CNC machines in a hands-on job training program. At the end of 18 weeks, students receive job placement assistance and enter the workforce. 

Wyckoff was a GRCC student in 2014. He graduated with an Associate of Arts and Sciences and continued to Ferris State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering. 

Wyckoff worked for Herman Miller as an engineer and a machine technician for eight years. He began to expand his career in 2002. His family’s history of teaching, and his love of the art of machine equipment brought him to GRCC. 

As a CNC Machine Tool professor, Wyckoff teaches students to use machine tools to shape and cut metal to precise dimensions. The pieces CNC’s create are then used to create vehicles, medical equipment, and more. 

Wyckoff loves watching his students see things in the world and know how those items are made. He also enjoys working with the other job training staff, many he referred to as his “college machining buddies”. 

Wyckoff enjoys helping students and the students enjoy learning from him as well. 

Matthew Collins, a Machine Tool/CNC student said, “Jonathan Wyckoff has been super. The lab is a very comfortable environment, it is great. He really focuses on hands-on skills. The day goes really fast because we are always working on parts and you have to really pay attention to what you are doing.”

Wyckoff encourages students to explore the endless opportunities that GRCC offers. He advises students to be unafraid of trying different classes and programs, and to continue exploring until they find the right fit.

More information about the CNC Machining Job Training program can be found at