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Learn from the Best: GRCC sociology instructor Rob Roznowski teaches through a lens of compassion and empathy

July 22, 2022, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- GRCC sociology instructor Rob Roznowski also teaches at Western Michigan University. This unique perspective allows him to see how GRCC supports student and faculty success.

 “GRCC excels at providing resources and support services to GRCC students and faculty, which is essential to success in the classroom and everyday life,” Roznowski saidi. “The extensive local and regional high school programs, such as early/middle college and dual enrollment, have provided rewarding experiences for myself and aspiring college students.”

Roznowski took advantage of a dual enrollment program in high school to begin taking college classes. He was intrigued by the study of social sciences, and focused on teaching.

“My first college course was Principles of Sociology,” he said. “Since then, I have pursued a career path of research and teaching in sociology, in large part thanks to the encouragement and support of my own professors and mentors.”

Roznowski went on to earn a bachelor’s and master's degree in sociology from Western Michigan University, and is currently a doctoral candidate.

What Roznowski has learned over his academic and professional career is that teaching college courses requires not only preparation, but a healthy amount of self-reflection

”Teaching sociology requires one to build communication skills while managing the diverse impassioned viewpoints of students,” said Roznowski.  

As Roznowski continues teaching he does so through a lens of compassion and empathy – something he learned from Dr. Cornel West.

“Dr. West always provides deeply insightful social critiques while retaining a sense of optimism and hope for the future,” he said.

Roznowski encourages all students to take a course in the social sciences.

“The programs and courses offered by the social sciences department at GRCC reflect a multi-disciplinary approach that allows students to prepare for a wide variety of career paths and transfer degrees.”

Sign up for SO 251 Principles of Sociology or SO 254 Social Problems with professor Roznowski this fall.


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