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MI Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist explores GRCC’s AI Incubator

On Tuesday, April 29, 2024, Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II stopped by GRCC’s Calkins Science Center to explore our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Incubator, participate in an AI demo and learn more about our new AI Certificate Program. 

The purpose of the AI Incubator is to bring artificial intelligence to the staff and students at GRCC as well as the surrounding community. The intent is not only to provide a career pathway into AI for students, but to also provide a chance for high schoolers and community members to experience the technology and to gain a baseline understanding of its use. 

A techie at heart and an engineer by training, the Lt. Governor was joined by GRCC President Charles Lepper, Provost Sheila Jones and Dean of Workforce Development Julie Parks to participate in an AI demo. The demo, led by Dean of the School of STEM Kristi Haik and Assistant Professor Jonnathan Resendiz, had the group answer queries about AI that informed the creation of a bot and demonstrated the scope of the economic impact the technology can bring to Michigan. If used effectively, AI will contribute to the development of new industries, personalize education, enhance workforce skills, improve efficiency and transform teaching and learning methods.

In short, AI is going to rock the job scene.

GRCC’s program is one of the first AI Certificate offerings in Michigan. Launching fall of 2024, the program will be made up of 7-week courses and focus on project-based learning. It will create a stackable certificate in AI similar to GRCC’s Data Science and CyberSecurity Certificates. The intention is that this certificate could stack into a pathway degree or other flexible two-year degrees based on the students’ needs and potential transfer. The curriculum is based on Intel’s AI for Work Force program.

GRCC is hosting an AI Incubator Open House for businesses to explore the lab, participate in a demonstration of its capabilities and learn how GRCC can help them become AI-ready. The open house is scheduled for June 18, 2024, 7:30 - 9 a.m. in the GRCC Calkins Science Center. More information about the open house and registration is available on GRCC’s Get AI-ready with GRCC webpage.