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My Story Started at GRCC: Bryan Earvin wanted a career change after 18 years, gained new skills at GRCC

July 11, 2022, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- What do you need when you want to shift careers after 18 years in the workforce?

You need an understanding employer – and a college program that quickly gets you into career No. 2.

Start at GRCC and go anywhere. Every former student has a story to tell about how GRCC gave them the education and opportunity to be successful.

Bryan Earvin liked working at Spectrum Health, but he was interested in radiologic technology, a field that encompasses X-rays, cardiac catheterization, CT scans and MRIs.

He found the program he was looking for at GRCC.

“The Rad Tech (Radiologic Technology) program at GRCC taught me everything and more to prepare me for this career,” he said. “The program splits both in classwork with working as an intern at hospitals so you can quickly apply what you have learned.”

He landed a job mere months after his 2014 graduation: at Spectrum Health.

Earvin, who recently moved from Butterworth Hospital to Blodgett, said many things had to all work together for him to make the career shift.

“I did not get to where I am today without the blessings of my Lord Jesus Christ, a supportive family that kept things going while I worked full time and went full time through the program, and a very flexible Health Information Management Department at Spectrum Health to allow me to be in classes and clinics while still fulfilling my obligation to them,” he said.

“GRCC is a great place to start when you have a vision in your mind about what you want to do.”

Let GRCC help you start your story. The first chapter starts at