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Best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion encompass a three-tiered approach. Training and Development; structural changes in policies, protocols, and practices, and doing the work to acknowledge, examine, and shift our thinking. There will be times when these tasks are arduous and exhausting, but the pathway to cultural competence is worth it.

Please use the resources to begin YOUR journey.

Feminist Colloquia

The Gloria E. Anzaldúa Colloquium aims to critically analyze the impact of social and cultural marginalization from an intersectional framework. The architect of ‘the New Mestiza Nation,’ Anzaldúa, a scholar of Chicana cultural theory, Feminist theory, and Queer theory, challenged notions of indoctrination, assimilation, and status quo acceptance. GRCC stakeholders will come together to explore the modern-day impact of colonialism in America and abroad and put forth practical strategies that use Anzaldúa’s theory of multiculturalist decolonization.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Colloquium seeks to broaden the historical landscape of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights movement in America. Touted as the ‘moral compass’ of social justice, Mrs. Hamer’s advocacy of politically disenfranchised people came into focus in 1964. She helped organize Freedom Summer, bringing hundreds of college students to the segregated South to help with African American voter registration. GRCC faculty and students will come together to examine contemporary issues that impact political engagement and agency, and provide practical solutions that use strategies aligned with Fannie Lou Hamer’s grassroots activism.

LGBTQ+ Think Tank

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Plus Think Tank is a brave space for GRCC stakeholders that identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Think Tank promotes awareness, agency, and advocacy, and provides an opportunity for participants to address issues relevant to LGBTQ+ communities. This coalition also includes a spectrum of straight cisgender allies.  

College Resources

For information on GRCC's Preferred Name process visit Student Records.

Campus Map for gender-inclusive bathrooms.

For more community resources and events visit out LGBTQ+ Think Tank page.

Local Festivals

Grand Rapids hosts a variety of cultural festivals throughout the year. 

Speak UP for Inclusion

Speak up because silence does not move us forward. The videos listed below address best practices to address equity in the workplace. 

Note: The videos can only be accessed when logged into your GRCC email address. Discussion topics include:

Cultural Competence: When more people speak up, more people listen 

That Little Voice: Discrimination in the workplace

Speak Up for Inclusion: Women in the workplace

Speak Up for Inclusion: LGBTQ+ in the workplace

Picture This: Assumptions lead to microaggressions

DACA Student Information

Links to Organizations

Additional Resources

Google Doc Resources 

*A compilation of resources are listed as hyperlinks within the Google Doc. Materials were developed by academic scholars and social justice educators. 

  • Protect Your Energy - Canned responses to messages that zap your energy, Author: Martina Abrahams Ilunga

The readings, videos, activities, and self-reflections are organized by stage, from interested person starting to learn all the way to committed activist looking to become more effective. It also makes a great tool to engage with people in your social network who may benefit from more accessible ways to get involved.

Statistical Information & Media/News

Statements & Think Piece Resources

Toolbox and Multimedia Resources

Home for the HoliDAZE

While many look forward to the holiday season as a time for rest, reconnection, and reflection, for some, the pressure to navigate interaction with family and friends can bring on a great deal of anxiety that can leave one dazed and confused.

In partnership with United Campus Christian Fellowship, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) developed a shortlist of resources to lessen the stress.