My GRCC Story: Eric Kosten finds 'great fit' with Computer Support Technician program

A Raider Buzz feature:

Eric Kosten returned to Grand Rapids after working out of state for more than a decade. While talking with a colleague at the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, he learned about GRCC’s Computer Support Technician Job Training program.

“This was a great fit for me,” said Kosten, who graduated from the program last month. “It's awesome to play with computer hardware, taking it apart and placing it back together. The instructor listened to my interests, while at the same time helping identify my strengths and weaknesses.

“I realized that life is a team effort. I have had to force myself to be an extrovert, because otherwise, I do not get what I need. My advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for help -- because you will need it. You won’t know everything.” 

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