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GRCC Today

Need to get the word out? Social media is an excellent way to connect on campus, and across West Michigan. Whether it is for news and information, an event or customer service, the conversations we are able to have with our audiences about GRCC provide value to our community.

Our blogs — GRCC Today for employees and Raider Connect. for students — provide established channels to reach out to our campus community.  

Connect with us, and we will help you craft your message and create a posting schedule for blogs and social media to help meet your goals.

GRCC Today Submission Guidelines

  • To send submissions, email them to
  • All items submitted for GRCC Today must relate directly to the business of the college, or directly to its stakeholders.
  • The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. the day before the story is to run.
  • Submissions should be as brief as possible (ideally no more than 200 words). The Communications Department may edit for length and content.
  • An announcement may run in advance of an event, and then again closer to the date of the event, if necessary.
  • We hesitate to run repeated entries about an event if they do not contain original content. Our goal is to provide a relevant and engaging source of information. Readers tend to ignore repeated posts of the same article but might look at a series of submissions on a topic if the individual posts are different.
  • Please submit your content as text, images and links.