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Amanda Kruzona

Amanda Kruzona is one of the problem solvers in the GRCC Student Records Office. She helps students navigate how to access and retrieve their records. She can also help you understand how GRCC systems and processes work together to keep track of your student information.

"At the end of the day, our goal is to help students navigate GRCC processes and the complexity of higher education," she says. "We want students to reach out, make connections, receive support, and feel safe asking questions. There are cheerleaders in every department on campus, and we are all here, waiting to cheer you on!"

The most rewarding part of Amanda's work is also what she finds most exciting -- showing students how GRCC offers learning experiences beyond the classroom. "I get excited when students are empowered to own their experiences and get comfortable asking questions," she says. "It also allows me to discover connections between the work of everyone on campus which provides more information to help students."

Amanda studied pre-pharmacy at Muskegon Community College. After graduating she worked as a pharmacy tech while earning her Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics from Ferris State University. While Amanda was at Ferris she saw that MCC had prepared her to do very well at a four year university. "I saw the value in getting a college education, as well as experience, at a more affordable price," she says. "That drives me to support the work that GRCC faculty and staff do to give students the best education in this community," she says. Amanda continued her education at Western Michigan university, teaching engineering statistics while she earned her Master of Science, Industrial Engineering. Then she began working as a data analyst in the insurance field.

"The time I spent in grad school gave me the teaching-bug and love for higher education," she says. "I left higher education to try an occupation in the corporate world, but I found my niche at GRCC in the Student Records Office. I am overjoyed knowing that I work in a building that has been a part of enriching this community for over 100 years."

Amanda Kruzona
Interim Director of Institutional Research
(616) 234-3914