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Dr. Daniel Groh is sharing his love for science in chemistry classrooms at GRCC.

“My desire to teach started with me tutoring students and teaching labs in college. I have never looked back!” Groh said.

Dr. Groh attended Grand Valley State University, earning a bachelor’s in both chemistry and physics in 1998. He went to graduate school at Michigan State University to study nuclear chemistry and earned a doctorate in 2002.  

Dr. Groh taught full time at GVSU before teaching chemistry full time at GRCC. 

“The strengths of GRCC’s physics program are its academic standards, flexibility and support for students,” he said.  

High academic standards, flexibility and student support in the past meant using technology and experiments to push the boundaries of conventional teaching and learning in the classroom. Now, as we are adjusting to life after the last two years of the pandemic, it also means using technology for dynamic course delivery and connecting with students in an entirely new way. 

“Of course I prefer to have students in the classroom,” he said. “But the instant access students get through Zoom meetings is great - a student struggling with a problem can get to a Zoom meeting with me in minutes and we can work it out together.”

You can catch Dr. Groh’s contagious enthusiasm for science in CHM 130 General Chemistry 1, CHM 131 General Chemistry 1 Lab, CHM 140 General Chemistry 2, CHM 141 General Chemistry 2 Lab, CHM 110 Introductory Chemistry Lab, and CHM 210 Lab General, Organic and Biochemistry Lab.

Daniel Groh
Associate Professor
(616) 234-3030
SCIE 512