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Isabel Vargas is here to help you save time and save money by awarding you GRCC credits for your prior learning. Isabel works in the Student Records Office as the Credit Evaluator. She awards transfer credits to students who have completed coursework from other colleges and universities, and from recognized tests outside of GRCC.

Isabel knows this is an important step for students to take who are going to start, or complete, their education with a certificate or degree from GRCC.

"When I was in high school I took AP classes and sent my AP scores to GRCC," says Isabel. "I got college credit for several classes, even before officially starting college! It was a relief to know that I didn’t have to take those classes! I encourage all perspectives and current students to transfer credits because it's one step closer to meeting graduation requirements!"

Isabel enjoys lending a hand to students who have been looking for a career change. "What gets me excited about my work is seeing the huge excitement in the student's eyes/voice when I tell them the credits that they were awarded," says Isabel.

Isabel is a proud community college student. She graduated from GRCC in 2017 and transferred to Grand Valley State University where she earned her bachelor's in Business Administration in 2020.

"It is truly an honor to serve as a resource for students and impact their life, the way mine was impacted when I was a student here," she says.

Isabel Vargas
Support Professional, Student Records and Credit Evaluation
(616) 234-2535