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Jaqueline Araiza

Jaqueline Araiza works as a Student Financials Customer Assistant in the GRCC Student Financial Services Department. Jaqueline is passionate about helping students remove barriers so they can be successful while they are at GRCC. As a customer assistant she helps students, and their parents or guardians, with all areas of student finance. This includes helping with technology to obtain information, making payments, and choosing self refund preferences. Jaqueline also receives and reviews residency review applications for students, and helps with concerns or questions around that review process.

As a first-generation student who attended GRCC, Jaqueline has used what she learned during her college experience to assist students in several different departments since 2016. She worked as a Student Ambassador on the GRCC Lakeshore Campus. She helped students navigate their Online Center, Blackboard, and their email accounts as they went through Student Orientation. And she was the first point of contact for students in the College Success Center.

Jaqueline earned an Associate of Arts degree from Grand Rapids Community College. She is currently completing her Bachelor's of Social Work through Grand Valley State University and plans to pursue her Master’s degree in Higher Education.

Jaqueline Araiza
Student Financials Customer Assistant
(616) 234-3158