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About Jazz

As a Success Coach from a first-generation student background, Jazz hopes to help students navigate college to create a more accessible environment for our community of learners. Jazz hopes to tailor her support in order to best empower each individual to grow in their ability to succeed. Jazz is dedicated to uplifting students' strengths to highlight the ways they are already doing amazing things, and apply those strategies to their learning experience. Jazz joined the team as a Success Coach in 2023, and earned their bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from Grand Valley State University and master's degree in Counseling and Student Affairs from Northern Arizona University.

Success Tip

Accommodate your learning style as much as possible and find strategies that make your studying and classroom time most effective! Using your strengths to your advantage can create easier pathways to success.


I love rock climbing at the local gyms in Grand Rapids along with going on outdoor climbing trips across the country. I'm also big into crocheting, thrifting vintage items, and playing video games that I can use to connect with friends and family.

Favorite Place at GRCC

My favorite place on campus is the College Success Center because the staff here are so welcoming and we always have snacks and coffee for students!


Check out my virtual office to see more resources or use my direct scheduling link to set up an appointment with me!

Jazz Waters
College Success Coach
(616) 234-2357