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I have been at GRCC as an adjunct faculty member since 1998.  After a few years of teaching PC 101, I taught some chemistry labs and then CM 100 for about 7 years.  After this time period, I transitioned to the math department, teaching mostly MA 098 and MA 107.  I am now back teaching PC 101, where my journey began 21 years ago.  I love teaching science and math at GRCC!  I love being able to make students feel successful in these areas, especially when they have not been successful before.

I attended our very own GRJC from 1986 to 1988.  I had some of our current GRCC instructors back then (like Bob Cebelak).  My instructors at GRCC back then were incredible, and they gave me (a very anxious and NOT confident student) a sense of stability and education that was much needed in my life at that time.  My education and later Associate in Arts from GRJC back then means more to me then my bachelor's in Math and Chemistry Education at WMU afterwards and my master's in Science Education at WMU after that.  My attached picture is me accepting an honors award from the president of GRJC in 1988.  GRCC is home to me – as a student and now as an educator.  If I can only give half of the knowledge and encouragement to my students that I obtained from my GRCC instructors long ago, then I will have achieved what I set out to do 21 years ago.