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Jennifer Shinabarger

GRCC is a place of growth and opportunity, and I am privileged to be a part of an energized and engaging learning environment! After graduating from NEIU with a minor in English, a BA in education, and an MS in language arts, I wrote a three-book series: Daily Mind Builders published by The Critical Thinking Co. The books have received a few awards, some of which include: Magazine Winning Resource for Successful Teaching and Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year.

A few years ago, I left behind Chicago and my previous profession as a middle school teacher to pursue instruction in higher education. Soon I discovered that Michigan and GRCC would become my oases. Since arriving at GRCC in 2012, I have taught various English composition courses: EN100/101, EN102, and EN120. 

On any given day, especially during cold and gray Michigan winters, I find warmth within the rich conversations, humorous anecdotes, and creative ideas students contribute to the learning environment. Teaching practices in my courses focus on: student centered learning, developing in-depth thought, and applying authentic applications.  

Outside of the college you may find me laughing with my son, daughter, and husband. Occasionally, I work on interior design projects, which mostly consist of treasure hunting at local antique stores. During quiet moments, I enjoy reading a well-written piece of literature—especially a polished piece of writing from one of my students!


Jennifer Shinabarger
400 College Park Plaza