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Jonnathan Resendiz

Pre-Computer Science, Data Science, & Computer Programming

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Jonnathan is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Information Systems Department and the Faculty Director of the AI Incubator at GRCC. He has a Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. He moved into a full-time faculty role at GRCC in 2020, teaching primarily Computer Science I (Python-based), Computer Science II, and Algorithms and Data Structures, both Java-based. In the 2022-23 academic year, he served as Associate Dean for the School of STEM, overseeing faculty evaluation, operations, and hiring for the departments of Biology, Psychology, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Mechanical and Architectural Design, and Computer Information Systems. Throughout his time at GRCC, Jonnathan has been active in the Honors Program as the Honors Project Faculty Liaison. Leveraging the partnership between GRCC and Intel, he played a key role in developing two professional certificates: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. As the Faculty Director of the AI Incubator, Jonnathan actively participates in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence initiatives and projects at GRCC.

Jonnathan Resendiz
Assistant Professor
(616) 234-3081