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Lakisha works in the Student Records Office and maintains the tools and processes you use to measure your academic progress, whether you are working towards graduating with a certificate or a degree.

"Although my job as the assistant registrar for graduation is primarily behind the scenes, when I get a chance to work with students, I really do enjoy it,” she said. “I'm always willing to help anyone that is in need, whether it's about their education, or connecting them to resources."

Lakisha also enjoys telling people in her community about the opportunities that can be found at GRCC, and that she'll be there to help them out when they come to campus.

"Whenever I find out someone does not have a degree, I always try to encourage them to come to GRCC to earn a credential," she said. "They will have me on campus as a go-to person, but will soon have others that can help them along their education journey as well. I try to make them feel comfortable even before stepping foot on our campus."

Lakisha is confident in the college's ability to meet students where they are, and help them to their “next,” because of the amazing team she works with in the Student Records Office. Not only do her coworkers make working at GRCC a breeze, but she knows she can always count on them to be there for her and the students.

Lakisha knew that after high school that she wanted to go to college, but couldn't decide on a clear path. She came to GRCC after high school thinking about earning a degree to work as a registered nurse. But as she took classes, and gained on-the-job experience working on campus, she decided she wanted a career in higher education.

After graduating from GRCC, Lakisha returned to the college as a contingent employee in the Grad Specialist position in the Student Records Office. She was hired permanently into that position in 2011.

Lakisha knew continuing her education was key to her career advancement, so she transferred her GRCC associate degree to Ferris State University and earned her bachelor's degree in 2016. Two years later she was hired as the assistant registrar for graduation in the Student Records Office.

She also continued her education at Grand Valley State University and earned her Masters of Education, Adult and Higher Education in 2019.

"I attended GRCC because I knew it was affordable, it was close to home, and I had heard a lot of great things about it, so it wasn't even a question if I was coming here or not," Lakisha recalls. "I knew I wanted a college degree and I was determined to do just that, and I did! GRCC started me on my educational journey and I'm glad to say that it has definitely been beneficial for me."

Lakisha Beck
(616) 234-4126