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In Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg says, “Writing is the act of discovery.”  I have always loved this part of writing, and in my classes we seek to discover, question, and invent.  I began my discovery as a young writer with my journals, and I continue to write in my black and white composition books today. I have been  teaching here at GRCC since 2004, and I love it. Before that, I attended Hope College, taught English at Caledonia High School, and earned my Master’s degree from Aquinas College. My husband and I have two awesome kids who are growing up way too fast. My list of things to do: kayak backpacking, skiing in the mountains, eating good food (that I don’t have to cook), spending time with family and friends, and being thankful for my faith journey. I also want to share the joy of writing and discovery with others; life is a gift.