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Michael Sikkema

I have an MA from Central Michigan University and an MFA from St. Mary’s College of California. 

I have taught as an adjunct at several colleges and universities, including GRCC and GVSU for a number of years. I have been lucky enough to teach a wide range of classes including a variety of freshman composition, technical and business writing, literature, and creative writing courses. I also run a small press and work hard to get my own creative writing published. I am the author of three full length collections of poetry, as well as several chapbooks and collaborative chapbooks. I believe that immersing students in the writing process and walking them through experiential learning activities is the most successful and efficient way to teach writing at any level. When I am not teaching or writing, I am hiking, backpacking, listening to music, reading or researching. 

Michael Sikkema
400 College Park Plaza