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Sheena Weaver is here to help in the Student Life and Conduct Office. As the office manager, Sheena handles the daily administration and support of student clubs and organizations. This includes student org. budgeting, room/event registrations, and guiding students through starting up a student organization. Sheena also works with Phi Theta Kappa, GRCC's international honor society, by processing and accepting applications for eligible students. Another big part of her work, and one of her favorites, is ordering supplies for the GRCC Student Food Pantry and making sure the shelves are stocked and ready for students. "The look on a student's face when you are able to help them reduce their stress and worry, about feeding their family, is so rewarding and makes me love what I do," she says.    

Everyday Sheena looks forward to working with new students, staff and faculty. She is inspired by meeting students from all walks of life, and enjoys learning about them. "We have a diverse population of students that I can relate to," she says. "And learning about them motivates me to help them in any way I can."

Sheena shared that attending GRCC was the best decision she ever made, and she wants current students to have the same experience. When Sheena became a mom in high school so many people told her that meant she would have to give up on going to college. She was determined to prove everyone wrong -- and she did.

"Anyone is able to overcome all odds regardless of what others say or believe," she says. "You are in control of your future and leave your everlasting mark."   

Sheena applied and was accepted to GRCC in 2010 and that was the start of the educational journey she is still on. She graduated GRCC in 2014 with an associate degree, and transferred to Ferris State University to begin working on a bachelor's in integrative studies. Initially Sheena worked as a contingent employee for GRCC while working at other organizations. Then, in 2019 she was hired as a full time member of the student life team.

"I have always found myself returning back to GRCC and that was when I knew it must be meant to be," she says. "I must be here to help students and it has been so rewarding." 

Sheena Weaver
Office Manager
(616) 234-4161
Student Life and Conduct