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Svetoslav Pavlov

Computer Support Specialist

Office hours


Svetoslav Pavlov, Ph.D. is teaching future network and systems engineers, database specialists, IT managers, software developers and more in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department at GRCC. CIS students at GRCC can explore a wide range of majors and tracks, and are in high demand in today’s global workforce. But Svetoslav knows the strength of the program also lies in its supportive and dedicated faculty. A group he is proud to be a part of.

Svetoslav’s professional and academic career gives him the broad range of insight and experience that enriches the learning experience of his students. And the diversity of the student body energizes him to stay responsive to all students. Whether they are online, in person or hybrid, he is connecting with students where they are physically and academically. 

Svetoslav believes that teaching through the pandemic has made instructors more flexible and available. “It makes it easier to reply to the students’ email messages promptly because I do not have to wait until I am done teaching a different class in the classroom, he said.”

Despite his accomplishments, Svetoslav wishes he had begun teaching at GRCC earlier in his career. Though his passion for both technology and art have stuck with him.

For inspiration at work and in life, Svetoslav looks to several creators. “My favorite IT professional is Linus Torvalds because of his enormous contribution to the open-source movement,” he said. “My favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh because of the unique radiance in his paintings, and my favorite actor is Tom Hanks because of the immensely diverse range of his work and career.” 

Svetoslav holds a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language and Literature from Latvijas Universitate, a Master of Business Administration in Accounting from Davenport University, a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Grand Valley State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Russian Language & Literature from Michigan State University.

You will find Svetoslav teaching:

  • CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • CIS 117 Java Programming I
  • CIS 135 Microcomputer Operating Systems
  • CIS 170, Microsoft Access Database I
  • CIS 171 Database Design and Development
  • CIS 175 Introduction to Networks (CCNA I)
  • CIS 178 Principles of Info Security
  • CIS 217 Java Programming II
  • CIS 265 Computer Servicing I / A+ Hardware
  • CIS 266 Computer Servicing II / A+ Software
Svetoslav Pavlov
Assistant Professor
(616) 234-2228
ATC 262C