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What is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against anyone on the basis of sex. GRCC's Title IX Coordinator is charged with coordinating GRCC's response to allegations of sex or gender-based discrimination. Sex or gender-based discrimination also includes allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence, and sexual exploitation. 

Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy

GRCC has a Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy that addresses specific incidents of sexual harassment that meet the Department of Education's definitions and jurisdictional requirements.

Questions about the policy can be addressed to GRCC's Title IX Office.

Title IX Contact

Victoria Kane
(616) 234-2107

Title IX Complaints

Under Title IX, Grand Rapids Community College is required to prevent and address discrimination which includes unfair treatment based on a protected characteristic, harassment because of a protected characteristic, denial of an entitled reasonable accommodation under State and Federal laws, or retaliation because of a complaint about discrimination or assistance in a discrimination investigation or lawsuit. Complaints about incidents of any of these forms of gender discrimination should be reported to Victoria Kane at or any of GRCC's Deputy Coordinators.

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Additional Resources

GRCC resources for those experiencing sex or gender-based discrimination can be found on the Sexual Misconduct page. If an individual is experiencing discrimination or harassment but the Title IX policy does not apply, GRCC has additional policies to address other concerns, including the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Student Code of Conduct

All Grand Rapids Community College Employees

Any College employees with complaints alleging any violation of GRCC’s Title IX or Sexual Misconduct Policies should report them to Victoria Kane at or any Deputy Coordinator.