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Meet & Confer Performance Evaluation and Merit Compensation System

Performance management is about creating a work environment that helps GRCC meet its goals.

Our performance evaluation tool is intended to engage employees and inspire greater employee commitment, clarify roles and responsibilities and hold our employees accountable, and improve the overall performance of GRCC and our goals for student success.

Performance Evaluation Timeline

  • September 30 – Employee and Supervisor complete the first two columns of Section I and II.
  • February 1 – Employee and Supervisor complete mid-year check-in of Section I and II.
  • May – Employee and Supervisor complete end of year check-in of Section I and II and all of Section III.
  • June – Online performance evaluations are to be completed by Friday, June 3, 2022. Note: The standard date is June 1; however Human Resources is extending the deadline date for this fiscal year.
  • June – Board of Trustee's reviews budget to determine merit compensation increase.
  • July 1 – Merit Compensation Increase (contingent on Board of Trustee's approval).

Meet and Confer Performance Evaluation

The Meet and Confer Performance Evaluation is now available online! Supervisors will begin the process, then meet with each direct report to discuss the evaluation plan (as outlined in the timeline section above). To access the Meet and Confer Performance Evaluation, log in to the Online Center. Use the "Resources" below to help guide you through the process.

Contact Luanne Wedge at in Human Resources if you have any questions.

Helpful Tips

For Section I and II – Writing Goals and Outcomes

Typically, two types of performance goals exist: employee development and business success.

  • Employee-development goals focus on improving the value of an employee to GRCC. For example, an employee might have the goal of improving interpersonal communications. Therefore, a supervisor schedules her for an interpersonal communications class.
  • Business-success goals focus on increasing GRCC's accomplishments. For example, an employee might have the goal of completing College Action Projects.