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Vacation Carry Over

Vacation bank carry over guidelines

Vacation hours are available for use from July 1 of the current fiscal year through December 31 of the following fiscal year.

As of December 31, employees may have their current fiscal year accrual plus:

An automatic 10 day carry over (requires no action from the employee or supervisor) Employees can request to have these 10 days transferred from their vacation bank, to their sick bank by sending an email to the Director of Payroll.

APSS, CEBA and Meet & Confer employees only – An additional 5 day carry over on an exception basis due to workload with supervisor approval and email to the Director of Payroll.

How to use the calculator

  1. Log into your Online Center.
  2. Open your most recent paystub.
  3. Enter the data below!

Disclaimer: This calculator will only give accurate results for 52-week, 40-hour employees.

Calculate your vacation time

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Found on the "+Earned" row of the "Vacation" column.
Found on the "End Balance" row of the "Vacation" column. This is the balance of your most recent pay check and likely does not reflect any time submitted on your most recent time sheet.