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GRCC provides a number of assessment tools from Respondus that work with Blackboard:


  • Lockdown Browser - your professor may require you to use this browser to take an assessment in Blackboard. This is usually required when students are proctored in person. If this is the case, you must download, install and use this browser to submit the assessment. There's also an IOS App.
  • Monitor - no additional software is required, but you will need a webcam. Respondus Monitor is often used with the Lockdown Browser when students are proctored at a distance.


  • Lockdown Browser - faculty don't need the lockdown browser to administer assessments. However, you may want to download the software for testing (or to use your computer for a proctored assessment). If you have a GRCC PC, the software can be installed through the Software Center. If you have a GRCC Mac, contact IT Support for installation. If you have a non-GRCC computer, you can use the student download link above.
  • Monitor - no additional software is required.
  • Respondus - this is the original product used by faculty to upload assessment questions. TLDE can also help you with uploading to Blackboard.

If you need help with Respondus, please e-mail