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Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board

Distance Learning at GRCC is in an exciting period of growth and change, and the Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education (TLDE) Department would like to be able to best meet the needs of our faculty. In order to more effectively represent the faculty voice, the Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board (DL FAB) was formed.  This board is an official sub-committee of the Academic Governing Council (AGC).

The advisory group will meet as necessary and utilize electronic forms of communication whenever possible.  

Here are a few goals for this group:

  • Provide feedback to college-wide and departmental distance learning plans.
  • Contribute to an ongoing quality and evaluation process for online courses.
  • Participate in the review, establishment and recommendation of quality standards.
  • Provide insight, support, advocacy, to advance instructional technologies.
  • Provide guidance and support in identifying courseware development tools and related instructional technologies.
  • Participate in expanding distance learning.
  • Identify methods of streamlining course development and DL curriculum.
  • Provide feedback about student orientation, retention, readiness, etc.
  • Provide feedback about surveys for improving distance learning.

See Distance Learning's standards and policies

Current Work

  • Introduction to Distance Learning
  • GRCC DL Standards

Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board

  • Andrew Rozema - Faculty, CIS
  • Anwar Thomas - Faculty, Occupational Support
  • Bill Faber - Faculty, Physical Science
  • Carmen Andert - Faculty, Mathematics
  • Cedric Williams - Faculty, Social Science
  • Deb Vilmont - Faculty, Child Development
  • Garry Brand - Faculty, Business (Chair)
  • Gary Ebels - Faculty, Criminal Justice
  • Ian Matthews - Staff, Instructional Designer
  • Jermaine Reese - Faculty, Criminal Justice
  • Julie Hess - Faculty, Mathematics
  • Laura Kennett - Faculty, CTE Director
  • Lisa Gloege - Faculty, Economics
  • Lori DeBie - Faculty, Library
  • Matthew Schenk - Faculty, Visual Arts
  • Rachel Morairty - Faculty, Cardiovascular Technology
  • Robert Mulligan - Faculty, Visual Arts
  • Sophie Rubin - Faculty, Social Science
  • Svetoslav Pavlov - Faculty, CIS
  • Tim Periard - Faculty, Biological Sciences