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CJ Program and Academic Resources

Access information on the Criminal Justice programs, get advising information, internship and employment information as well as tutoring and scholarships.

Summer 2024 Class Registration

Registration for the summer 2024 semester will begin on Monday, February 19, 2024 at 8:00am. To enroll into CJ 122, CJ 285, CJ 286 or CJ 287, please email with your name, student id number, and the class you would like to enroll in. 

CJ 164 Police Academy Registration

This form is exclusively for registration into the Summer 2024 Police Academy Boot Camp. You must be on track to be finished with all prerequisite courses or degree by the end of the Summer 2024 semester in order to enroll into CJ 164. Enrollment after completing this form is not guaranteed. Submitting the form before your eligibility date, failure to pay your tuition by the deadline, and errors on the form may delay or keep you from being enrolled. Classes have a maximum capacity and enrollment is done first come, first served.

You may begin registering for all on the following day (begins at 8 a.m.):

  • February 19, 2024

To register for CJ 164, please complete the form. Once you complete the form, please be patient. Please allow for 48 hours for the course to appear on your GRCC Online Center summer schedule. Our department will also send you a confirmation email that you have been enrolled in the class.

Students who have earned a degree

If you have already earned (or will earn an Associate's degree by August 2024), please complete this form to receive an application to the Fall 2024 Police Academy. However, if you would like to be enrolled into the optional CJ 164 Boot Camp class, please fill out this form instead.

If you have any questions, please email