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Grand Rapids Community College is a commuter school. We do not offer on-campus housing, but we do post listings for non-affiliated renters in the area. Student Life provides this list of possible housing options as a service for our students, but we are not able to inspect or endorse any of these listings for roommates, apartments or other housing choices.

We encourage our students to carefully evaluate these apartment complexes and property management offices and investigate each option to ensure your housing choice provides a safe and secure environment. As a student there are many things to consider before moving to an off-campus apartment this online article may be helpful to you during your search. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact Student Life at (616) 234-4160

Websites for Apartment Complexes and Property Management Offices

Aggregators for Apartment and Rental Listings

Need help finding a roommate?

These websites are resources that can identify potential roommates in the area. Each listed person are able to add their bio to help with compatibility during the search. "11 tips to find a roommate that doesn't drive you crazy"