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Job ID 82722
PM Dishwasher - Bakeshop
Main Campus
Non Work-Study
M-Th 4:30pm – 9:30pm, Fridays Off (Willing to work around schedule to a degree)

• Washing of all dishware, utensils, trays, pots and pans
• Return all cleaned equipment to its proper and designated storage space
• Clean and maintain dish machine and pot sinks to acceptable health standards
• Maintain a clean and safe work area
• Assist in the general kitchen sanitation

• Must be fully qualified to perform the above duties
• Must maintain a satisfactory level of personal hygiene throughout scheduled work shift
• Must be able to work with all employees, customers and students in a congenial and safe manner, demonstrating an ability to communicate effectively and professionally
• In emergency situation, shall perform duties other than as classified at request of supervisor
• Good attendance
• Ability to work with little supervision