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Emergency Procedures

Important Phone Numbers

GRCC Police (Emergency)

4911 (college phones)
(616) 234-4911 (other phones)

GRCC Police (non-emergency)

4010 (college phones)
(616) 234-4010 (other phones)

Local Fire or Police Department


Ottawa County Sheriff (non-emergency)


Ottawa County Sheriff (Emergency)

911 (GRCC Lakeshore Campus phones)

Poison Control Center

(800) 222-1222

Medical Emergencies

  • Call GRCC Police 4911 or push the GRCC Police button on any campus phone.
  • Call 911 from a GRCC Lakeshore Campus phone or other phone.
  • Provide location, nature of the emergency and known medical conditions.
  • Remain with the person.

Suspicious Person

  • Do not physically confront the person.
  • Do not let anyone into a locked or card access building or room.
  • Call GRCC Police at 4911 (GRCC Lakeshore Campus call 911), provide the following:
    • Your name.
    • What is the problem?
    • Where is the problem?
    • Description of person.
    • Type of weapon, if any.
    • Your current location.
  • Stay on the line until told to hang up.

Armed Assailant

  • Remember: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.
  • Get Out/Evacuate if at all possible.
  • Shelter in Place - Lock/Barricade doors.
  • Take Aggressive Action as last resort.
  • Call GRCC Police at (616) 234-4911 or 911 (GRCC Lakeshore Campus call 911) when safe to do so.

Bomb Threat

  • Document date and time.
  • Document where the call originated (displayed on caller ID where available).
  • Write down exactly what was said, be specific.
  • Note the age of the caller (sound of caller, young, very young, old, etc.).
  • Listen for background noises, or sounds, such as music, children, etc.
  • Call GRCC Police at (616) 234-4911 (GRCC Lakeshore Campus call 911), immediately.         

Weather Emergency

  • For up-to-date weather information, review the NOAA Weather Forecast
  • Emergency announcements may come through:
    • Classroom/office phone speakers.
    • Email announcements.
    • RAVE Text message.
    • Automated phone calls.

Tornado Warnings

  • Upon notification proceed to posted shelter area.
  • Use the stairs in case of power outage.
  • Stay away from windows and glass.

Tornado Watches

  • Remain alert and be prepared to evacuate to shelter area.

Building Evacuation Procedures

When evacuation is necessary:

  • Follow evacuation routes to nearest exit or stairwell.
  • DO NOT use elevators.
  • Take personal belongings.
  • Assist people with disabilities.
  • Proceed at least 300 feet from the building or as far as necessary for safety.

Power Outages

  • Immediately notify GRCC Police at 4911.
  • Emergency lighting will come on.
  • If in a lab turn off gas burners and equipment.
  • Wait for instructions via emergency phone alert, or RAVE.

Fire or Smoke

  • Never assume a fire alarm is false. If alarm is activated, you must evacuate.
  • If necessary activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Alert others of the danger and need to evacuate.
  • Shut down all hazardous equipment and gas valves in the area.
  • Immediately exit the building, closing doors between you and the fire.
  • When safe call GRCC Police or 911 (GRCC Lakeshore Campus call 911) with location and nature of the fire.
  • Notify emergency personnel if you know of people who are still in the building.
  • Remain outside until notified by Authorities.

If Caught In Smoke

  • Drop and crawl toward an exit if possible.
  • Breathe slowly using a towel or shirt as a filter.
  • If trapped, close doors and wedge cloth material under doors to keep smoke out.
  • Use windows to notify responders.
  • Break windows as a last resort as they cannot be closed if necessary.

When To Use An Extinguisher

Only use an extinguisher if:

  • You have been trained.
  • The fire is small.
  • You are not alone.
  • You have an escape route.
  • If not, close the door and evacuate.

An extinguisher can be used to suppress a fire that blocks your exit from the building.

Remember PASS; Pull the pin, Aim the extinguisher hose at the base of the fire, Squeeze the lever, Sweep from side to side.