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Women in Philanthropy

Making a Difference

Women in Philanthropy builds community around the power of giving back. We strengthen the bond between GRCC and the women in our community who know that every dollar makes a difference to the students that we serve.

But the difference we make extends far beyond contributions. We empower students to fulfill their dreams and ensure GRCC provides a world of opportunity to our community, right here in West Michigan.

Our collective voice is committed to:

  • Identifying and advocating for the resources our students need.
  • Educating others about the power of giving back.
  • Growing gifts by women to GRCC.
  • Investing in our students.

The Students We Serve

Lariesha Lee

Lariesha Lee

Marinus Swets Scholarship Recipient

"My GRCC experience was life changing, especially for me being a non traditional college student with children while working. They had tons of supportive resources, programs, and tutoring labs that kept me motivated and successful. I am proud to be a GRCC alumni."




Krista Steffens

Krista Steffens

All Within My Hands Foundation Welding Grant Recipient

"Thanks to Metallica and GRCC I am now a sparks fly-zone kind of gal. The Metallica scholars welding program has done wonders for not only myself but for my family as well. I look forward to see what this path brings us. Rock On!"

Need help funding a project? GRCC Women in Philanthropy is here to help!

The Women in Philanthropy group was established as a giving circle of women who support GRCC and our students. The group meets quarterly to listen to different GRCC groups present a funding need. At each quarterly meeting, one group will present their need to the members of the Women in Philanthropy group. We ask for a minimum donation of $100 from each member at each quarterly meeting. Members are also encouraged to bring guests. The donations received from the members at each meeting will be donated to the specific program/group that presented at that meeting.

Please complete this form to submit your proposal for funding if you are interested in presenting your need to this group. By majority vote, members will select the group which will present at the next meeting. If you are selected to present at a meeting, you may be asked to provide a funding update at the next meeting. 

For questions please contact the GRCC Foundation at (616) 234-3939

Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy 12-7-2023

Women in Philanthropy 9-21-2023

Women in Philanthropy Breakfast 6-22-2023

Women in Philanthropy Breakfast 3-23-2023