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Photography naming, keywords, and archiving for vendors

Naming conventions for images

For credit and non-credit classes

department_class_name_mo_YYYY_folder letter(if needed)_photo#

  • Example for credit classes: culinary_brewing_01_2018_001
  • Example for Job Training (i.e. MTEC): job_training_construction_01_2018_B_001

For locations/events

[location/building_name]_event(if any)_mo_YYYY_ folder letter (if needed)folder#_photo#

  • Location example: sneden_hall_01_2018_001
  • Event example: ffh_volleyball_01_2018_C_001

Note: the number of folders (“folder letter” in the naming convention above) per photo shoot is up to the photographer’s discretion. One folder per photo shoot is acceptable if it makes sense to the photographer, in which case the “folder letter” is not needed.

Sports name examples

  • ffh_baseball
  • ffh_softball
  • ffh_golf
  • ffh_men_cross_country
  • ffh_women_cross_country
  • ffh_men_basketball
  • ffh_women_basketball
  • ffh_volleyball

Keyword Metadata

In the Keywords please add the information below:

  1. Event Name (FFH graphic displays)
  2. Year (2018)
  3. Department that hired them (Communications)
  4. Event Location (off-campus)

Submitting Images

We need high- and low-resolution versions of every photo. These images should be saved in two folders, with the individual images named identically. We are looking for:

1. A set of high resolution photos in a folder labeled “[Event name] high resolution”

  • Example folder name: “Music Jazz Ensemble 12 2018 B High Resolution”

2. A set of low resolution photos in jpg form at 1200 pixels (for longest side) x 300 dpi in a folder labeled “[Event name] low resolution”

  • Example folder name: “Music Jazz Ensemble 12 2018 B Low Resolution”

If you have any questions, please contact Malinda Powers.