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Program Development & Revision

In order to develop and maintain programs that meet student and stakeholder needs, GRCC engages in comprehensive and efficient program development and revision processes.

Program Approval & Revision Process

Whether you are revising a program or creating a new program, you need to launch a new proposal in Curriculog.

If you have questions related to the technical aspects or mechanics of the Program Document form, or need assistance accessing approved program documents, contact

Within Curriculog there are various proposal options to choose from depending on the type of program or revision. Program proposal options are as follows.

Use the following processes to develop and revise articulated, Pre-Major, and Pre-Professional programs. Please contact Matthew Novakoski, Transfer & Articulation Coordinator for assistance with these processes.

  • New Program Development – Transfer Programs 
  • Program Revision – Transfer Programs 

Use the following processes to develop and revise non-articulated Career and Professional programs that prepare students for work (AAAS, AN, AM, and AB). Please contact Michael Miller for assistance with these processes.

  • New Program Development – Career/Professional Programs 
  • Program Revision – Career/Professional Programs

Please review the Schedule for Program Proposals for the deadlines of 2022-2023 new or revised program proposals.

Program Development/Revision Assistance

For program development and revision resources, please visit Blackboard and select "Curriculum Development" organization. By selecting "Programs" from the options menu on the left, you will see resources available to you via the "Tools & Resources" folder and the "Program Processes" folder. Please check back periodically for new resources to assist you in program development and program review and revision.

To register for a Curriculog training session, please visit the registration calendar.

Current Program Offerings

Program offerings for the current academic year can be found by navigating to the College Catalog.