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Fall 2023 Advising Opportunities 

I facilitate learning in areas such as academic planning, course selection, career guidance, transfer, substitutions/waivers and related academic questions or issues.  I will be out of the office from September 21 - October 4 and return on October 5, 2023.  I will have limited access to GRCC technology or email.  If you need immediate assistance, please call (616) 234-3900

1.  Request Winter 2024 course recommendations by filling out this form.   What to expect…

2.  Schedule an Advising Appointment: My Appointment Times

  • M, T, TH, F: In person appointments at the  Lakeshore Campus located in Holland MI.
  • M-F:  Zoom appointments via my personal zoom room daily.  I will send you the link in a confirmation email to your GRCC account.  (Video or Phone available)​​​​
  • Students schedule in the Navigate portal, after logging into MYGRCC.  
  • Check 2 weeks out for most availability on my Navigate calendar.  

3.  For nonurgent questions or issues that do not require a half hour appointment, please email me  or phone (616) 234-3900.

4.  Fill out this form to request to change to Lakeshore Campus Advisor 

About me

Kristie Kozub is here to help GRCC Lakeshore Campus students achieve their academic and career goals. As an academic advisor in the Academic Advising and Transfer Center, she helps students review career and college options and then choose their classes -- and she encourages them along their way to reaching their academic goals. Kristie is also an adjunct instructor in the GRCC Language and Thought Department. She has taught Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking courses at GRCC since 2009, and then took on academic advising in 2017.

Kristie was born and raised in Holland, and is proud that she can be part of bringing higher educational opportunities to her hometown! Though she did not attend a community college, Kristie wonders if attending a community college would have made her college career easier to afford. She attended Central Michigan University right after high school and remembers not registering for her second year because she had to pay her college tuition bill. She worked diligently that summer to pay off her college debt, and with the help of one advisor she was able to register for classes just in time for fall the next year.

Kristie didn't know what she wanted to do when she started college. "I knew I wanted to make the world a better place," she said. "I majored in Social Work. As I took social work classes, I discovered the study of communication as well. I kept saying "yes" to things I enjoyed learning about. My path started off general and with the help of instructors and advisors, I was able to focus on social work in higher education. I teach and advise here at GRCC because it's my way of making the world a better place. Education can and does make a difference. Reach out. We are here to support you!"

Kristie earned her degree in communication studies and then worked as an admissions and corporate relations representative for Spring Arbor University in Metro-Detroit -- specializing in degree completion programs She also worked as an academic advisor for the College of Extended Learning at Central Michigan University in the Metro Detroit area, was a substitute teacher at the elementary level for two years, and has taught college level communication courses throughout Michigan since 1996.

Kristie gets excited when students share new ideas and what they've learned about themselves through their coursework, and when she can problem solve with them.

"As an educator, my philosophy is to engage, encourage and empower students using educational and career tools to create an academic plan," she said. "I believe every student’s life can be changed through the power of being educated. Teaching in person courses and online allows students the flexibility and access to further grow and develop. My goal when meeting with students is to create meaningful, thoughtful and productive learning experiences."

Degrees and Certifications

  • MA, CPRM
Kristie Kozub
Academic Advisor
(616) 234-3900
Lakeshore 101J