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Susan Williams


ABD, Department of History, Indiana University-Bloomington

         Major Field: East European History

         Minor Fields: History of Gender & Sexuality, Russian and East European Studies 

Fulbright Scholar, Romania, 2006-2007.

M.A., European History, University of Cincinnati, June, 2003.

B.A., History, University of Cincinnati, 2001.


“The ‘Civilized Trap’ of Modernity and Romanian Roma, 1918-1934,” in Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review, Special Issue on Romani Identity, March, 2008.

" ‘Gypsy Romances’ and Modern Realities: Konrad Bercovici and Romanian Roma in the Interwar Years,” in Journal of the Center for Romani Studies [Bucharest], 1:1.

Courses Taught

HS101: Western Civilization to 1500

HS102: Western Civilization from 1500

HS220: Plagues, Spells, and Pills: The History of Medicine and Disease

HS225: History of Gender and Sexuality

HS290: History of Russia and East Europe

Past Seminar Courses Offered

HS293: The Black Death 

HS293: Legacies of World War I

HS293: Conflict and Identity

HS293: Medieval Irish History

HS239: History of Ulster

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