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Pre-Gender Studies, A.A. (General Transfer)

Learn how gender intersects with culture, race, class, ethnicity, society, law and sexuality.

Why Gender Studies at GRCC?

  • Pre-Gender Studies, A.A. graduates will be ready to transfer as a junior to the four-year college or university of their choice to complete a bachelor's degree in Gender Studies.
  • With your bachelor's degree in Gender Studies, you can begin your career in advocacy, research or community services related to:
    • Community healthcare and crisis services.
    • Domestic violence.
    • Human rights.
    • Social services.
    • Social justice issues.
    • Human services and relations.
  • Develop critical thinking skills and gain an appreciation for a variety of perspectives and understand the impact of diversity on their lives and on society.
  • Gain an understanding of gendered group dynamics to enhance your leadership skills. 
  • Practice listening to, and engaging with, others’ points of view.
  • Be prepared to appropriately challenge gender-based inequities.
  • Consider how you can be involved in equity efforts in your community.

What will I learn in Gender Studies?

Explore how gender impacts our understanding of all elements of systems and cultures. This will include a study of the intersectional formations and histories of gender, as well as it's impact on:

  • Communications, linguistics and literature.
  • Sociology, humanities and social sciences.
  • Empowerment, social justice and politics.

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Program Courses and Requirements


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