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Grants Administration at GRCC

Grant Administration

The Grants Department plays a limited role in the administration of funded projects. In general:

  • Management of grant projects is conducted by the project director who is assigned during the grant development process.
  • Financial management of grants is administered by the project director and GRCC's grant accounting specialist.
  • Human Resources is responsible for hiring new employees who will be supported by grant funds.

As time permits, the Grants Department can assist project directors with resolving problems, interpreting grant agreements and program guidelines, offering advice on interactions with the funding agency’s program officer, and providing feedback on reports.


The Grants Department created the Grant Administration Guide to help new and existing project staff in managing their grant-funded activities. This guide will help increase success while minimizing any problems that may arise.

Time & Effort Certification Form

College and government policies require that all faculty members or staff employees paid from and/or contributing effort to grant projects report and certify their efforts accordingly. When the college accepts grant funds, it agrees to this obligation as a condition of the award. Effort documentation, using the Time and Effort Certification Form, records the percentage of effort reported for a given period to substantiate the salaries and wages charged to the grant(s).