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2022 Excellence in Education Winners

Werner Absenger, Victoria Janowiak, and Marne Apolo

2022 Excellence in Education Winners Werner Absenger, Victoria Janowiak, and Marne Apolo

Grand Rapids Community College’s Opening Day celebration included honoring three employees for their work with students and the community.

The Excellence in Education awards were established in 1989 to honor GRCC employees for their contributions. On Thursday, the faculty award went to Werner Absenger, program director for the Secchia Institute for Culinary
Education, with Marne Apolo, of the Language and Thought Department, and Victoria Janowiak, executive director of Operational Planning, receiving the adjunct and staff awards, respectively.

In presenting the faculty award to Absenger, President Emeritus Juan R. Olivarez, who is serving as GRCC’s interim president, noted his work on restructuring the internationally respected culinary program’s curriculum to improve access and affordability and on building community partnerships to bring his nutritional knowledge to underserved populations.

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Name Occupation/Department Year
Marne Apolo Adjunct, Language and Thought 2022
Werner Absenger Faculty, Secchia Institute of Culinary Education 2022
Victoria Janowiak Meet & Confer, Operational Planning 2022
Michael Michewicz Adjunct, Music 2021
Michelle Richter Faculty, Nursing 2021
Lori Cook Meet & Confer, Admissions and Enrollment 2021
Lynn Prince Adjunct, English 2020
William Faber Faculty, Physical Sciences 2020
Sandy Gregory APSS, Student Success & Retention 2020
Barb Bouthuillier Adjunct, Mathematics 2019
Sarah Rose Faculty, Occupational Support 2019
Deb DeWent Meet & Confer, Instructional Support 2019
Julie Spahn Adjunct, English 2018
Brian Daily Faculty, Academic Support & Tutoring Services 2018
JaneAnn Benson Meet & Confer, Preschool 2018
Tom Mulder Adjunct, English 2017
Lynnae Selberg Faculty, Counseling 2017
Lorena Aguayo-Marquez APSS, Adult Education 2017
Yelena Wells Adjunct, Music 2016
Mike Klawitter Faculty, Library 2016
Laura DeVries APSS, English 2016
Lynn Jansen Adjunct, Occupational Therapy 2015
Nikki Banks Faculty, Criminal Justice 2015
Amy Bennett APSS, Exercise Science 2015
Mary Beth O'Rourke Adjunct, Physical Sciences/Mathematics 2014
Tom Neils Faculty, Chemistry 2014
MaryKay Bethune Meet & Confer, Financial Aid 2014
Cheryl Katz Adjunct, Computer Information Systems 2013
Judy Jankowski Faculty, Psychology 2013
Nanci Guigue APSS, School of Workforce Development 2013
Dawn Cheikh Adjunct, Language & Thought 2012
Mike Kidder Meet & Confer, Secchia Institute for Culinary Education 2012
Diane Sparks Faculty, Education & Child Development 2012
Melanie Forbes Adjunct, Mathematics 2011
Laurie Witczak ESP, Academic Support Center 2011
John Dersch Faculty, Mathematics 2011
Julie Parks Meet & Confer, Training Solutions 2010
Steve Abid Faculty, Social Sciences 2010
Bob Partridge Exempt, Business & Financial Services 2009
Joe Hesse Faculty, Physical Science 2008
Bruce Morrison Meet & Confer, Institutional Research 2008
Linda Spoelman Faculty, English 2007
Becky Yoder Meet & Confer, Applied Technology Center 2007
Laurie Foster Faculty, Biological Sciences 2006
Chris Arnold Meet & Confer, Diversity Learning Center 2006
Klaas Kwant Meet & Confer, Media Technologies 2005
Mike Kasperlik Faculty, Radiological Technology 2005
Marianne Pierson ESP, Student Affairs 2004
Marilyn Smidt Faculty, Nursing 2004
Peg Burns Meet & Confer, Financial Services 2003
James Chesla Faculty, Mathematics 2003
Lynn Asper Faculty, Performing Arts 2002
Donna Kragt Meet & Confer, Institutional Research 2002
Elias Lumpkins Meet & Confer, Student & Alumni Services 2001
Sandra Andrews Faculty, Physical Sciences 2001
Sue Merizon Meet & Confer, Information Technology 2000
Fred Sebulske Faculty, Performing Arts 2000
Jan & Jerry Benham Meet & Confer 1999
Alice Donahue Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program 1998
Eric Flynn Meet & Confer, Information Technology 1997
David Fortuna CEBA, Custodian 1996
Roger DeVries Faculty, Physical Sciences 1995
Don Boyer Meet & Confer, Dean 1994
Duane Davis Faculty, Performing Arts 1993
Earl Mandeville Meet & Confer, Financial Aid 1992
Marinus Swets Meet & Confer, Dean 1991
Robert Long Faculty, Biological Sciences 1990
Dee Palmer ESP, Dean's Office 1989