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Our laptop vending machines are intended to give you greater access to technology, when you need it and where you need it.

How to vend a laptop

Retrieving a laptop from the machine is as quick and easy as grabbing chips from a vending machine. Enter your last name on the touchscreen, swipe your student ID and out pops one of the 12 Dell laptops.

The fully charged computers are available for four hours. Return the laptop back to the machine and it will automatically wipe it clean of your work and recharges it for the next person.

Vending machine locations

Check out our campus maps if you need help finding the following:

  • Calkins Science Center: First Floor, North Hallway
  • Student Center: Third floor, Counseling
  • Lakeshore Campus: First Floor, South Hallway

Additional options

Need a laptop for more than four hours? Visit one of our computer labs or check out a laptop at the library.