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  1. Will I be charged for captioning services?
    Captioning services are provided free of charge to GRCC faculty, staff, and students if video content is used in a GRCC course.  However, if making a duplication is necessary (such as a VHS-to-DVD transfer or a DVD-to-DVD transfer), standard duplication rates apply. Generally, instructors pay for this nominal charge out of their department’s budget.
  2. I have a VHS/DVD (personal content).  Can I get it transferred to a DVD with captions?
    Yes, as long as it's something used in a GRCC class.  Simply fill out a Caption Request Form and drop off the VHS/DVD at the Media Technologies offices.  
  3. I have a VHS/DVD (copyrighted).  Can I get it transferred to a DVD with captions?
    That depends.  First, please double-check that the VHS/DVD doesn’t already have captions.  Next, please conduct a basic internet search to see if a captioned version is available for purchase.  If one is, GRCC's in-house captioning service will not be available; instead, you’ll need to buy the available captioned version.  If a captioned version does not exist for purchase, we are able to caption it only after you obtain written permission from the publisher.  Please follow the steps laid out in the "How to Request Permission" document. 
  4. Do I need to obtain written permission to caption videos that are available to watch for free online? 
    Yes.  These videos, even though free to view online, are subject to normal copyright violations.  It is important to make a good faith attempt to obtain permission.
  5. Can I submit videos to be captioned prior to having a student with an accommodation in my class? 
    Yes!  In fact, requesting well in advance will cut down on stress for both you and the Caption Technician.  However, please note that priority will be given to those who have (or will have) a student needing accommodation.   The Caption Technician will attempt to complete content by your suggested due date, but cannot guarantee it.
  6. What's the average turn-around time for getting a captioned video back?
    It depends on the length of the video and whether or not the Caption Technician is working on high-priority material.  Allow for a minimum of 2 to 3 full business days for any given file.
  7. What if I can’t find the contact info for the publisher?
    If an internet search does not reveal who currently owns the rights to your video content, please seek assistance from your department’s library liaison
  8. I use a YouTube video in class.  It has captions already, but they’re terrible!   Why?
    That is an excellent question!  Every video clip that is uploaded to YouTube is run through an automatic captioning technology owned by YouTube.  These “auto captions” usually have incredibly low accuracy.  Until the technology is refined enough to be reliable, it’s important that the errors found in these “auto captions” be fixed.  The Caption Technician here at GRCC was hired to do what this technology cannot do yet.