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The purpose of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is to provide a forum that enables a wide variety of college constituency groups the opportunity to provide input into the present and future direction of the College.  This team will guide the development and on-going implementation of our strategic plan, review benchmarking data, study budget realities and offer recommendations for budget priorities.

Team Composition

The SLT will be broadly representative of the college community.  Membership is tied to positions held at the college as well as representatives from a wide variety of current campus teams.  Other members will be appointed by the President. The current membership list is included in the last section of this document.

Organization and Procedures

  1. The President and Associate Provost of Instructional Support and Institutional Planning will co-chair the SLT.
  2. Sub-committees will be used as task forces to accomplish specific tasks with limited time frames; these sub-committees may include people who are not members of the SLT.
  3. The SLT will meet at least twice per semester, but may meet more often to accomplish tasks.
  4. A website will be created and minutes of the meetings as well as all planning documents will be posted.

Standing Members

College Community Representation


College President, Co-Chair

Charles Lepper

Interim Associate Provost of Instructional Support and Institutional Planning, Co-Chair

Ann Isackson

Executive Deputy to the President & Board of Trustees Liaison

Misty McClure-Anderson

APSS, Instructional Support and Institutional Planning

LaKenya Gissendanner

Bargaining Units: Faculty Association Chair

Frank Conner

Bargaining Units: CEBA Chair

Avonte Braden-Love

Bargaining Units: APSS Chair

Antoinette Harrington

Bargaining Units: GRCC Police Chair

Mike Dekam

Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Sheila Jones

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lisa Freiburger

Executive Director of the Foundation

Erin Van Egmond

Chief Information Officer

Debra Hintz

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer


Executive Director of Communications 


Dean of Student Success

Eric Mullen

Dean of Strategic Outreach and Interim Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dave Selmon

Dean and Executive Director of Workforce Training

Julie Parks

Executive Director of Lakeshore Campus

Cameron Buck

Dean of School of Health Sciences

Lisa Radak

Dean of School of Liberal Arts

Jason Vinson

Dean of School of STEM

Kristi Haik

Dean of School of Business and Industry

Cleamon Moorer

Associate Dean of School of Health Sciences

Kelley Phillips

Associate Dean of School of Liberal Arts

Grant Snider

Associate Dean of School of STEM

Justin Fiene

Associate Dean of School of Business and Industry


Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education (TLDE)

Amy Lyn



Interim Director of Institutional Research

Amanda Kruzona

Associate Dean of Student Success - Persistence and Completion

Raynard Ross

Interim Associate Dean of Student Success - Support and Retention

Mike Klawitter

Associate Dean of Student Success - Access and First Year Success

Lori Cook

Director of Student Life and Conduct


Director of K-12 Partnerships

Robin Sterk

Director of Library and Learning Commons

Brian Beecher

Executive Director of Human Resources

Christine Coon

General Counsel

Brett Meyer 

Executive Director of Operational Planning

Victoria Janowiak

Executive Director of Facilities

Jim Van Dokkumburg

Director of Budget and Business Services

Nat Lloyd

Director of the Ford Fieldhouse

Whitney Marsh

Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance (Title IX and ADA Coordinator)


Athletic Director

Lauren Ferullo

GRCC Police Chief

Rebecca Whitman 

Video Content Production Manager

Klaas Kwant

Associate Director of Human Resources

Laura Caulk

Director of Grant Development

Lisa Dopke

Executive Director of Financial Aid

David DeBoer

Associate Dean of Workforce Training

John VanElst

Senior IT Asset & Project Manager

Jeff Vanderveen

Director of IT Customer Support

Kelly Webber

Associate Director of Web Content and Digital Strategy

David Fitch

Assistant Director, ODEI

Jamillya Hardley

Director of Enterprise Applications 

Mary Jo Chisholm

Director of Student Financial Services

Jennifer Scott

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Finance and Administration

Grace Blanchard

School of Business & Industry: Secchia Institute of Culinary Education

Werner Absenger

School of Business & Industry: Business

Felix Pereiro

School of Health Sciences: Dental

Jamie Klap

School of Liberal Arts: English

Megan Coakley

School of Liberal Arts: Language & Thought

Mary Lucas

School of Liberal Arts: Social Sciences

Emily Pain

School of STEM: Computer Information Systems

Andrew Rozema

School of STEM: Mathematics

Monica Bliss

Schools of Liberal Arts and STEM: Director of Instruction for Developmental Education


Student Success: Program Director, Counseling and Career Development

Melissa Ware

Student Success: Academic Advising and Transfer Center

Kaelee Steffens

Team Members

College Community Representation


Student Government Representative

Alexis Miranda

Student Government Representative 

Michael Zazzo

Student Government Representative

Nicholas Thomasma

Bargaining Units: CEBA Appointment

Mike Taubert

Bargaining Units: APSS Appointment

Jonnathan Wheeler

Provost Faculty Appointment 1

Sophia Brewer

Provost Faculty Appointment 2

Andre Fields

Provost Faculty Appointment 3

Jonnathan Resendiz

Provost Faculty Appointment 4

Oscar Neal

Provost Faculty Appointment 5

Vicky Powers

Provost Faculty Appointment 6

Wilfredo Barajas

Provost Faculty Appointment 7 

Svetoslav Pavlov

Provost Faculty Appointment 8

Brian Daily

Provost Faculty Appointment 9

Holly Christopher

Provost Faculty Appointment 10

Jenna Hess

Provost Faculty Appointment 11

Anwar Thomas

Provost Faculty Appointment 12

Patrick Prominski

Provost Faculty Appointment 13

Brian Hadley

Provost Faculty Appointment 14

Erin Busscher

Liaison Members

College Community RepresentationName

Board of Trustees Liaison

Rotates among Board members

Board of Trustees Liaison

Rotates among Board members

Strategic Goal Co-Champions

Strategic Goal


Goal 1: Teaching & Learning

Admin co-lead: Justin Fiene

Faculty co-lead: Jesse Crandall

Goal 2: Completion & Transfer

Admin co-lead: Jason Vinson

Faculty co-lead: Kaelee Steffens

Goal 3: Equity

Admin co-lead: Jamillya Hardley

Faculty co-lead: Daisy Henderson

Goal 4: Community Impact

Admin co-leads: Julie Parks and Robin Pegg

Goal 5: Infrastructure & Sustainability

Admin co-lead: Christine Coon

Faculty co-lead: Ennis Young

Strategic Initiative Project Co-Champions

Strategic Initiative


SI 1.1: Schedule and Program Optimization


Valerie Butterfield and Heather Richards

SI 3.1: LGBTQ + Inclusive Fundamentals Team (LIFT)

Stacia Barczak and Nora Neill

SI 5.1: Implement a Campus-Wide Sustainability Effort

Klaas Kwant and Jim Van Dokkumburg

Cross-College Team Leaders

Cross-College Team Representation


Academic Governing Council

Nick Antonakis

Academic Pathways Advisory Team

Jennifer Batten

College-wide Assessment Team

Amy Lyn

Deans Council

David Selmon

Data Governance Council

Nat Lloyd

Employee Behavioral Intervention Team (EBIT)

Christine Coon

Employee Enrichment Team

Angela Salinas 

Employee Wellness Team

Angela Salinas

Ethics Team

Brett Meyer

GRCC Homecoming Team

Jenna Mencarelli and Ashley Fox

Institutional Review Board

Amanda Kruzona

Learning Environment Team

Vicki Janowiak and Mary Lucas

New Employee Orientation Team

Angela Salinas

Risk Management Oversight Team

Victoria Janowiak

Student Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

Denise Jones

Supplier Inclusion Team

Paula Gleason-Zeeff

Default Management Team

David DeBoer

Student Feedback Management Team

Ashley Fox

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Team

David DeBoer and Laura Caulk

Emergency Planning and Preparedness Team

Victoria Janowiak

Health and Safety Team

Nat Lloyd
Whitney Marsh

Accessibility Team


Clery Compliance Team

Robin Graves

SLT Executive Team

Member Name


Sheila Jones

Interim Provost, appointed by the President

Ann Isackson

Chair, appointed by the President

Jennifer Scott

2-year term ending Summer 2024 (filling remainder of Ann Isackson’s term)

Amanda Kruzona

2-year term ending Summer 2024

Jonnathan Resendiz

Faculty member (per bylaws), 2-year term ending Summer 2024

Justin Fiene

2-year term ending Summer 2025

Jennifer Batten

Faculty member (per bylaws), 2-year term ending Summer 2025