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The College’s Board of Trustees approved the 2022-25 Strategic Plan framework on June 13, 2022, based on the 2021-22 Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) recommendations outlined in the Executive Summary below.  During the 2022-23 academic year, the SLT Executive Team will coordinate with the President’s Office to implement the framework outlined below, beginning with the following actions: identify and recommend goal co-leaders; identify and recommend college actions, College Action Projects (CAPs), and co-leaders for action and/or CAP teams to support the accomplishment of each goal based on the priorities; and identify and recommend indicators, then schedule Board monitoring report presentations.  These actions will be discussed with and presented to the SLT membership for endorsement beginning with the September 2022 SLT meeting and then in subsequent meetings to fulfill the implementation of GRCC’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan.

See a PDF of the 2021-22 Executive Summary

2022-25 Strategic Plan

GRCC’s 2022-25 GRCC Strategic Plan acknowledges the following overarching principles:

  1. Equity encompasses all 5 Goals
  2. There is also interconnection among the Goals
  3. Every GRCC faculty and staff member is an educator
  4. Enrollment is a focus for all GRCC stakeholders
  5. Continue to advocate for all programs to lead to living-wage jobs

Strategic Goals: Definitions and Priorities

Strategic Goal #1: Teaching & Learning

The College develops and delivers curriculum that supports instruction through various modalities that meet students’ needs to measurably improve student learning and success.

Goal 1 Priorities:
  1. Adult learners 
  2. Scheduling/course offerings
  3. Inclusive learning environments at GRCC

Strategic Goal #2: Completion & Transfer

The College sustains and continuously improves our focus on successful student goal achievement.

Goal 2 Priorities:
  1. Common understanding of completion, transfer, and data collection
  2. Better career planning
  3. Retention and graduation rates of historically underserved students

Strategic Goal #3: Equity

The College uses benchmarks in access and equity to remove barriers and create inclusive policies, procedures, and practices.

Goal 3 Priorities:
  1. Supporting students’ mental health and basic needs beyond providing food and technology assistance
  2. Institutional ethos on equity and inclusion
  3. Scaling up representation of historically underrepresented faculty and staff, including retention and belonging
  4. Pipeline for students

Strategic Goal #4: Community Impact

Goal 4 Priorities:

The College seeks to impact and serve the community by educating students and sustaining partnerships.

  1. Strategic Enrollment Management Plan
  2. Continue to enhance academic and student services at the Lakeshore Campus
  3. K-12 partnerships with GRCC and area businesses (Kent and Ottawa Counties)

Strategic Goal #5: Infrastructure & Sustainability

The College effectively and responsibly uses our resources to enhance and improve GRCC and our community.

Goal 5 Priorities:
  1. Human resources
  2. Balance of physical space and technology
  3. Sustainability