Parking Pass

  • good for one full day of parking
  • nonrefundable, nontransferable
  • Guest Parking Pass does not guarantee parking

Complete and submit the Parking Pass Request Form either by fax (616) 234-4962, email, in person or interoffice mail. Please allow up to five days for processing.

Replacement Parking Card

If you've lost your parking card, please submit the Parking Card Replacement request either by fax (616) 234-4962, email, in person or interoffice mail.

Students and staff may also visit Student Life to request a new card.

Event Parking Vouchers

  • discounted parking rate
  • requested by a GRCC department, GRCC organization, or an organization which is using GRCC facilities
  • nonrefundable, nontransferable

For event parking, complete the Parking Pass Request Form and submit either by fax (616) 234-4962, email or in person. Please allow 15 business days for processing. Reasonable requests within this time frame will be considered.

Approval will require that space reservations have been confirmed, and if necessary GRCC Police and Facilities coverage has been arranged.

GRCC Parking Rates

Rate Definition Cost
Student Rate The rate charged to enrolled students with a valid GRCC Raider Card. Student pays at exit - No time limit. $3.50 per gate swipe
Event Rate(s) Public rate for individuals who are attending an event/activity that is sponsored by GRCC, or being held in a facility owned/operated by GRCC. Sponsor or customer pays fee. $3.50 or $6.00 depending on length of event
Public Rate The competitive market rate any member of the public should expect to pay if using a GRCC ramp. Customer pays fee. First 30 Minutes free $2.00/half hour $12.00/daily max Evening (after 5 p.m.) and weekend max = $6.00
GRCC Discount Rate A discounted rate for approved college sponsored activities. Department pays fee, complimentary to customer. Approval required. Examples:  Department Use - Student incentives to attend activities o Student Leaders – Training o Grant Funded program participation o Academic support program participation  Departmental use for hosted meetings/GRCC business o Employer/Advisory committee meetings o GRCC hosted meetings o Transfer Fairs/Job Fairs o Human Resources – Job interviews  Departmental use for service/programmatic purposes o Department special events/special speakers o Academic course “customers” (Clinic, nursing, SICE, etc.) o Customer service/problem solving $2.00 per pass